Fire Lighting Survival Magnifiers

Survival Magnifiers

Mags And Fire

Any sort of magnifying lens may be used to start a fire on a sunny day. This would include a regular magnifying lens, some sort of special magnifier (as shown in the photo below), binoculars, glass bottle bottoms, eyeglasses (far-sighted prescriptions), and so on. A drop of water on the glass can intensify the sun light even further. You can even buy specialized "burning glasses", which are specially made for concentrating the sun's light for the purpose of starting fires. 

A pocket magnifier that is about 35mm in diameter, with the plastic case that swing away for use, is very handy. Any avid tracker/naturalist will usually want to carry one around anyway to examine minute plant details for identification, examine micro-details of tracks, start a fire, read fine print, or even hold it in front of your flashlight to disburse the beam in a wider area.

Simply hold the lens at such an angle as to focus the sun's light into as small an area as possible. Place some tinder under this spot and it will soon start to smoke and hopefully catch fire.

** This is one reason why glass thrown out into the woods can be a forest fire hazard - if it lands at just the right angle, perhaps with a drop of morning dew in the right place