Latest News - 2017

Renting Electronic Magnifiers

Easy payment plan

IView5 Electronic Magnifier
We now are offering a service where someone can rent the more expensive electronic magnifiers, We also offer rent to buy over a period. Please contact uo for details.
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New Ezi Vue Electronic Magnifier

Electronic Magnifier

Ezi Vue 5 HD Electronic Magnifier
A well priced 5" HD electronic magnifier packed with features including coloured buttons for easy navigation. A dual lens allows close up viewing as well as distance viewing. The long battery life is very impressive and there are 18 colour modes to choose from. Covered by our exclusive warranty.
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Why Buy From Magnifiers NZ?

Kiwi Too
•Magnifiers NZ removes any risk of being stuck with something that doesn’t work for you. •Magnifiers NZ is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with decades of experience in the supply of magnifiers and low vision devices. We are the largest magnifier supplier in New Zealand. •We know that choosing the right magnifier or low vision device can be confusing when viewing alternative overseas websites that is why we offer a non-risk policy •To get the full story on our “Risk Free” policy, refer to our conditions for returning products.
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Why Reading Magnifiers Can Be Better Than Glasses

Low Vision Image
Reading magnifiers are an incredibly useful tool for people suffering from conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, or glaucoma. Some might wonder why a person would use a reading magnifier when, in essence, reading glasses simply are two small magnifiers that can be worn on one's head. But reading magnifiers can do things that glasses cannot. For example, not every text is created in the same size, and advanced reading magnifiers allow you to adjust the magnification to match everything you read. Some can magnify a text up to 25 times its original size.
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Jewellers Loupes - Tips for Selecting the Right One

10X Triplet Inspection folding magnifier
We have sold thousands of jewellery loupes and the years. It is frustrating to see other sellers of loupes misrepresenting the powers of their loupes and limitations! Hopefully this guide will help you to know the truth about loupes offered online.
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Magnifiers for Macular Degeneration

An informed guide

IView 4.3" Electronic Magnifier
Along with choosing the right magnifier you also need to know how to use it correctly with the correct lighting. This means that you may need 2-4 macular degeneration magnifiers for doing different tasks.
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