Apexel 10X Macro Phone Lens

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Apexel 10X Macro Phone Lens with universal clip for smart phone. High resolution

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A 10X macro phone lens with optical glass covered in multi coatings that gives distortion free viewing. Complete with clamp that fits most mobile smart phones.

  • macro depth of field reaches 30mm to 80mm.
  • Covers the existing mobile phone lens and compensates the shortcomings of mobile phone macro photography.
  • The multi coatings increase light transition to 99%
  • The forward-facing lens design can add additional lenses such as starlight lens, polarizer, gradient lens, ND filter, etc., to enhance the effect of scene photography.
  • The macro lens is equivalent to a small microscope, which can shoot very small things very clearly, and is good for flowers, birds, fish, insects, and fruits.