Metallurgical Microscope

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A well priced reliable modular metallurgical microscope

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Metallurgical microscopes are useful for viewing a wide-array of opaque specimens – from rocks to plastics and ceramics. Typically, high powered, metallurgical microscopes are designed for viewing solid objects which light cannot pass through and are equipped with larger stages, numerous objectives and a variety of light sources.

Model BH200M comes with plan achromatic optics and an Epi Kohler illumination system. The anti reflective nature of the epi-illumination system greatly enhances the image clarity and gives better contrast in the field of view. It also prevents contamination by stray  light. Other important features include

  • A stable and reliable operating mechanism making it easier to operate.
  • A modular system allowing for the addition of accessories at a later date if required.
  • The stage system allows for altering light intensity with coarse and fine focus.
  • Widely used for inspection of semi-conductor silicon wafers, material science, geological mineral analysis and precision engineering.