Quality LED Measuring Loupe, 8X

$99.00 (Incl GST)

A professional measuring loupe with scale and high contrast LED illumination

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This 8X Precision loupe with LED illumination has a scale that measures in both metric and imperial units.  It is used to measure line values, angles, diameters, widths, prints, graphics and threads, etc. where accuracy is needed.  A variety of scales are available though it comes standard with cross hairs with metric and imperial scales, other are available for $25.00. The loupe has an adjustable focusing ring for pin-point clarity. The 8 LED lights can be used in daylight or in darkened conditions. The alloy metal body strong and durability. This is a quality product, and it is covered by our extensive guarantee. We stock spare batteries should they be required.


Technical parameters:

  •  Magnification:  8X
  •  Diameter of lens: 30 mm
  •  Effective aperture: 28mm
  •  Optical structure: 2 lenses 2 groups hardened with coatings.
  • Adjustment range: 45 mm ~ 55 mm
  •  Net weight: 65g
  •  Accessories: lens cap, lens cleaning cloth, plastic box, packaging box
  •  Reticle size: Ø 36×1.5mm
  •  Reticle style: NO.1~ NO.8
  •  4 button batteries Model (LR936)