10X Hand/stand Magnifier. Adjustable LED IlluminationNew Product 2022


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A new edition to the very successful MagniPro range of low vision magnifiers. The innovative two lens optical system allow a 10X magnification in a large
diameter magnifier.

PREMIUM MAGNIFYING glass made out of optical grade acrylic which is lighter and more scratch-resistant, shatterproof than glass while provides the same clarity level. Magnifies up to 10x without optical distortion.

SWITCH BETWEEN 5X & 10X: This magnifying glass is equipped with two 5x magnifying lenses, you will be able to remove one of the lenses if you
prefer lower magnification for reading 

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS LEVEL: Switch between 50% and 100% brightness level for various occasions. Equipped with 10 energy efficient SMD led lights which are designed to last 100,000+ hours and provide more evenly lit viewing area, our LED lighting will last for more than 20 years

SPACE SAVING & HANDS-FREE DE-SIGN: The base of handle is specifically designed to stand on it's own, so you will be able to free up your hands while working or reading


  • 10X magnification (or 5X with lens)
  •  82mm main optical len
  •  Twin lens system
  •  Can be used as a stand magnifier
  • 10 energy efficient SMD LED bulbs
  •  LED life: 100,000 hours
  •  Two adjustable brightness levels
  • Can be used hands free
  • Rubberised ergonomic anti slip grip
  • Powered by three AAA batteries