20X Stereo Microscope


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A stereo, or dissecting microscope provides a three-dimensional view of the specimen. It does this with separate objective lenses and eyepieces for each eye. They have lower magnification when compared to compound microscopes however they also have a longer working distance.  They are very simple to operate making them an important educational instrument. This model is very robust and is used extensively by New Zealand schools. The optics are extremely sharp being multi coated. Bright mains powered illumination allow for easy viewing in low light situations. This stereo microscope is also an excellant choice for light industry.


  • 20X magnification (standard)
  • 10X wide field eyepiece
  • Objectives: 2X
  • 45º inclined head
  • Pillar stand
  • Overhead mains illumination
  • Stage clips
  • Dust cover

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