2.8X Aspheric Desk Magnifier


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The product consists of a vertical inclined support, a lens base seat and lens. The lens sits in the lens base which is put in the vertical inclined support. The angle of the lens inclination is adjusted for periods of long reading. The product is designed for low vision as well as those looking for comfortable reading.

Place the lens in the lens base and let the base sit on the vertical inclined support. Move it smoothly across the page of what is being read. The lens base and lens can be also taken apart from the vertical inclined support to be used as a high quality hand magnifier or a dome magnifier. Aspheric coated lens.


  • 2.8X magnification
  • Diopter: +8.00
  • Lens size:  6 x 11 cm
  • Coated acrylic lens
  • Focal length: 65mm