3X Hand Held LED Page Magnifier


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  • ¨ 12x dimmable anti-glare SMD LED lights
  • ¨ Easy dimmable wheel switch - conveniently placed
  • ¨ Light weight 135 gms  (with batteries)
  • ¨ 3X magnification
  • ¨ 10mm frame around lens
  • ¨ Battery life 1,000 hours
  • ¨ LED life 50,000 hours
  • ¨ Lens cleaning cloth
  • ¨ Lens size: 180mm x 110mm
  • ¨ O/A size: 200mm x 155mm x 20mm
  • ¨ 3x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • ¨ Ideal for reading books, magazines, telephone 
  • directories, newspapers, labels, inspecting objects, craft etc.

If you require batteries pleased visit https://www.magnifiers.nz/shop-product/accessories/panasonic-aaa-batteries/product-153/category-36




Customer Feedback

Today I took delivery of the Anti-Glare Led 3X Page Magnifier and could not be more pleased with it. It is a real help being able to view several full lines of a page without movement and with real enlargement particularly when held at a small angle to the page. And of course, the 12 very bright LEDs make it excellent for reading in poor light. Many thanks - G Lewis