2.1X TV Spectacles


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  • MaxTV is the  simple solution for relaxed viewing in front of the TV.  Ideal for anyone who enjoys watching  television  with or without a vision  problems
  • Can be used at sporting  events, the cinema, the theatre, etc. (there are limitations in the case of  long viewing distances and short-sightedness greater than 3.0 dioptres )


  • Large PD  tolerance makes the system comfortable and easy to use
  • Does not slip down  when worn - supplied with detachable  temple tips
  • Wide focusing range ensures excellent image quality
  • Temples with  metal wire core  allows the temple to be shaped to provide a comfortable fit


  • Magnification      2.1x
  • Weight: 49      grams
  • PD tolerance      range: 60 - 68 mm
  • Main distance      of use: 3 m
  • Visual field 9°      = 1 m / 3 m

 Allows separate lens focusing adjustment:  Astigmatism correction is not possible