Ivision 4.3" Electronic Magnifier


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The iVision 4.3” is a new generation digital video magnifier with an intelligent
power saving design. Designed for ease of operation the new algorithm and er-
gonomic configuration greatly enhances the viewing experience. This unit is
stacked with features and coupled with its ease of use make it an easy choice
for many people. 


  • Screen size: 4.3 inch (LCD 480x272)
  •  2X to 32X zoom
  •  15 image enhancement modes
  •   Pixel size: 300,000
  •   Speed: 60 fps, no lag time
  •   Image capture and store
  •   Colour buttons for easy navigation
  •   Connects to a TV
  •   Fold out handle (can act as a stand)
  •   4 Hours continuous operation
  •   Light weight 217g  (excluding battery)

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