LED Ring Lamp with Clip Clamp


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This very versatile reading lamp can be shaped in any direction with its goose neck stem. A ring of 20 LED's provide a bright cool image at 500 lumens. The LED's provide flicker free and anti glare light and are extremely long lasting (life). The lamp is attached to a table with a rubber protected clamp with an opening of 6 cms making it suitable to clip onto a wide range of objects. Powered by a built in battery with USB charging. It is an excellent choice for using along side a non illuminated magnifier.


  • Illumination:  20 LED'S
  • Colour temperature:  5000-5500K
  • Brightness: 500 lums
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Switch: Touch
  • Modes: 3 tone dimming
  • Product Size: 7X12X40 cm
  • Clamp: 6 cm bite