Long Working Distance Stereo Microscope


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The ST50 series of single magnification stereo microscopes are designed for those inspection and assembly/soldering tasks requiring plenty of distance between the microscope and the object under observation.  
The fully coated, excellent optics give an upright, non-inverted  image over a wide field of view which is sharp and clear.  These optics also reflect accurately the original true colour of the view object.   Accurate alignment of the optics ensures the observer can enjoy a fatigue-free viewing experience over a long period of time. While 20X magnification is standard it can be increased to 80X with optional eyepieces and objective lenses.


Eyepiece Wild field eyepiece WF5X/18mm  
Wild field eyepiece WF10X/20mm 2
Wild field eyepiece WF15X/13mm  
Wild field eyepiece WF20X/10mm  
Head 45° inclined binocular viewing head 1
Objective 1X objective, working distance: 165mm  
2X objective, working distance: 119mm 2
3.5X objective, working distance: 124mm  
Illuminator Oblique illumination, 1W LED 1
Body Pillar stand 1
Long arm 1
Focus arm 1
Base 1