Pangoo 5.5 HD" Portable Electronic Magnifier


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The Pandoo 5.5 " is a  new generation high definition 5.5" hand held digital magnifier with a touch screen and two HD cameras.  It represents a significant advance  compaired with similar sized units with a very high resolution screen giving crystal clear images and extraordinary picture quality. If this wasnt enough the unit packed full of easy to use modes which allow it to adapt to individual user needs. It's battery life before recharging is almost 40% longer than similar competing units.



  • Magnification: 2.5-23X
  • 12 high contrast colour modes
  • 5.5" LED touch screen 1280x720 pixels
  • Auto focus and “tap” to focus under screen view mode
  • Dual 6M cameras
  • Touch screen to scroll
  • Viewing distance: 4.8cm for near view, Over 5cm for distance viewing
  • Picture storage: 20 pictures
  • HDMI output (connects to TV monitor)
  • Battery Life, 4 hours (approx)
  • Charge time, 4.5 hours (approx)
  • Includes power adapter , 100-240V
  • Weight: 145gs
  • Dimensions  173x84x23mm


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