Ivision 5" HD Electronic Magnifier


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The new iVision 5.0” high definition is a new generation digital video magnifier with an intelligent power saving design and new algorithms. With a larger viewing area than the 4.3” model more of a page or object can be viewed. Despite its larger screen size this model is still very portable. It comes with a full compliment of features such as 3X-48X magnification, 26 colour modes, high capacity batteries, voice memo etc.


  • 5" high definition screen (800x480 resolution
  • 3 -48X magnification
  • Dual lens with 4 mega pixel capture
  • 26 colour modes
  • Intelligent image enhancement
  • Convenient fold out handle
  • Voice memo
  • 4 hour continuos use time
  • Powe saving intelligence
  • Freeze frame

Ivision 5 inch digital magnifier