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Magnifiers For Stamp Collecting

Oct 9, 2022

Probably the most useful tool in stamp collecting is a magnifier or loupe (same product), They are the primary tool for examining condition and authenticity of any stamp or philatelic material. For the general stamp collector, magnification levels of 5X to 10X is recommended and suitable for basic purposes of grading, inspecting watermarks, and distinguishing printing methods. For inspecting security feature microprinting as used often on stamps, you will want 8X or more magnification and higher magnification and or even measuring scale magnifiers maybe need and desired at times for error and counterfeit and forgery detection.  We have one of the most extensive selection of stamp collecting magnifiers available. Magnifiers NZ have everything for the simple collector to the professional philatelist who needs to examine the finest details of a stamp or philatelic material. Choose with or without light, reticules and other options.

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