Watch Makers

Eye glasses for watch makers and associated industries were close up inspection of small parts is a must.

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  • 6X_Illuminated_Jewellers_Eye_Glass.jpg

    Jewelers Eye Glass, 10X LED Illuminated

    $35.00 (Incl GST)
  • 5x_Eye_Loupe.jpg

    Jewellers Eye Glass, 5X

    $16.95 (Incl GST)
  • eye_loupes.jpeg

    Jewellers Eye Glass, 7X

    $16.95 (Incl GST)
  • Sale! MZ9889.jpg

    Two Lens Inspection Magnifier 30X 60X LED

    $24.95 (Incl GST)

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  • Sale! 4X_pocket_folding_magnifier.jpg

    Folding Pocket Magnifier, 35mm

    $19.95$24.95 (Incl GST)
  • Sale! 7721.jpg

    Free Standing Magnifier

    $89.00 (Incl GST)
  • Sale! 3301.jpg

    Linen tester, Double Lens, 6X25mm

    $29.95 (Incl GST)
  • Sale! ddf.jpg

    Embroidery Hands Free Magnifier, LED Illuminated

    $29.95 (Incl GST)

New Products

  • Portable Video Magnifier

    $156.00 (Incl GST)
  • Spectacle Clip-on Magnifier

    $29.95 (Incl GST)
  • Mini-Metro Magnifier – Ergo (2x Magnification)

    $69.99 (Incl GST)
  • Mini-Metro Magnifier – Media (1.8x Magnification)

    $29.99 (Incl GST)