Folding Pocket Magnifier, 35mm

$19.95$24.95 (Incl GST)

A portable red round folding magnifier in protective case. High quality aspheric lens. Available in 4 powers.

Handy pocket folding magnifiers with protective case. Made of hard acrylic with aspheric lenses for distortion free viewing. Popular in the low vision field.

  • 4X pocket magnifier
  • Good quality 35mm aspheric lens
  • Ideal portable magnifier for a range of hobbies or everyday use
  • Complete with leatherette zippered protection
  • Lens swings out from its protective cover that becomes the magnifiers handle.
  • Available in other magnifications i.e., 6X, 8X & 10X
  • MZ7171 4X 35mm lens
  • MZ7172, 6X 35mm lens
  • MZ7173 8X 35mm lens
  • MZ7174 10X 30mm lens

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