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FREE Shipping on orders $100+
FREE Shipping on orders $100+

Returns & Refunds Policy

Business Information:

Mail Address: PO Box 9410, Tower Junction, 8149, Christchurch
Phone: 0508 96 33 33 is owned and operated by Optica Life Accessories Limited.

Customer Service available: 8:30AM-5:30PM Mon-Fri (NZDT)

The Terms below relate to the return of any product or products purchased from, whether through the website, by phone or through email. 

This Returns Policy applies to all Customers of from the date shown above. 

This return policy is valid for the countries: New Zealand

The products can easily be returned.

You have the right to return and request a refund 14 days after the arrival of your order.

The actual return costs are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid to the shipping party. This applies both in the case of dissatisfied products as well as a defect received product.

Note: only products in NEW* condition can be returned, we reserve the right to refuse a return with traces of use. 

*New = These are unopened products in their original packaging and products that have never been used.

Once we have received and verified your return, you will have your refund within 10 business days using the payment method you used when ordering.

We comply with all relevant laws regarding returns and refunds. 

We reserve the right to change our return and refund policy at any time to comply with applicable legal requirements.

How long do I have to return a product purchased from has a 14-day return policy, meaning any Customer can return a product, or products included in their purchase within 14 days of that purchase, with the date the order is dispatched from the 3PL warehouse serving as day 1 of this period. Terms & conditions apply to this Returns Policy, so please read on for specifics relating to product returns. 

Can I return a product after 14 days? cannot accept returned products after 14 days have passed from the date the product was dispatched or collected under any circumstances.

Can I return a product after it has been used? is unable to accept a returned product or issue refunds for a product that has been used in any way. All returned products will undergo a thorough assessment by an technician before any refunds or exchanges are issued. 

Customers are advised to adequately research their desired products by leveraging the support team, blog posts, YouTube channel, or Third Party reviews to educate themselves on the available options & product suitability before committing to a purchase.

What is considered a ‘Used Product’?

A product or products are considered used if:

  • The product has been completely unpackaged, or;
  • The packaging has been damaged or discarded, or;
  • The product has been ridden, even if only for a short distance, or;
  • The product is dirty or damaged, even if unridden, or;
  • The product has been modified or dismantled in any way, even if unridden.

Effectively, products can only be returned if the products are in exactly the same condition in which they left the depot to be delivered to the customer that ordered them. 

Can I return a product if I no longer have the original packaging?

For a product to be considered ‘unused’ and thus eligible for return, the product must be returned in its original & undamaged packaging. For this reason, highly suggests taking care to open the product carefully as to avoid damaging the packaging, then keeping that packaging for 14 days. 

Products returned without their original packaging, or in notably damaged packaging, or with parts of their packaging missing are automatically ineligible for refunds or exchanges. 

I’ve changed my mind about my purchase. Can I return my product?

A Customer may return any ordered product within 14 days of purchase because of a change of mind provided the product is unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging, which is also required to be fully intact. 

Does my product need to be inspected as part of a return?

Any and all products returned to will be inspected by an technician before any refund shall be issued. This is to ensure that products are returned in accordance to the return policy & are in an acceptable condition. 

Do I have to arrange my own return shipping?

The Customer will be required to arrange their own return shipping at their own expense. It is highly recommended the Customer uses an insured courier service that can be tracked. 

Do I have to pay to return my product upfront? 

If a Customers’ request to return a product is approved by, the Customer shall be responsible for covering any shipping costs associated with returning the product to the head office.

Are there any other costs associated with returning a product? will also deduct the cost of the Customer’s chosen payment methods (merchant fees), restocking fees, bank fees, or any other charges incurred by through the process of delivering the initial order. 

The original shipping cost incurred by to ship the item(s) to the Customer in the first place will also be deducted from the total refund amount. will inform the Customer of the total amount of deductions to be made from any issued refund before the Customer initiates the product return. 

My product was damaged, or went missing during return transit. Will I still get my refund?

If any returning product is damaged during return transit, or goes missing before it is delivered to, no refund will be issued. In these instances, the Customer is advised to contact their chosen courier service for assistance. 

Customers are advised to take photos of their returning product in its packaging before collection, and take photos of the product being collected by their chosen return courier. 

Can I return a product that has a manufacturing fault or defect?

In the event that a product purchased from has a manufacturing defect, or develops a manufacturing defect during its warranty period, provided that defect is not caused by misuse or the product as defined in the warranty policy, shall, at its own discretion, offer the Customer the option of returning the product in exchange for a new version of the same product, or returning the product to be repaired under warranty, at which point, that product shall be returned to the Customer.

I’ve returned my product. What happens next?

Once a customer’s return is received and inspected, will send the Customer an email to notify them that has received your returned item. Depending on the nature of the return, will also notify the customer of the approval or rejection of their refund or product replacement. 

Receipt of the returned product at the head office does not constitute an agreement that a refund will be issued. 

My product return was approved. What happens next?

In the event that a Customer’s returned product or products meet all the conditions of the Returns Policy, will issue a refund equal to the value of the returned product(s) minus the initial shipping fees, merchant fees, or any other charges incurred by during the course of shipping and returning the product. 

My product return was rejected. What happens next?

In the event that a Customer’s returned product or products do not meet the conditions of the Returns Policy, the Customer shall have the option of having their products delivered back to their address at their own expense. The Customer must organise their own return shipping, by doing so, accepting that is not liable for any damage their product or products acquire while being shipped back to the Customer at the hands of the Customer’s chosen courier. 

Can I dispute the decision of my refund?

The decision of regarding product returns is final. 

My return was rejected. Can I do a chargeback instead?

A bank or credit card chargeback of any nature is treated as a theft from, and will be referred to local authorities. 

I only want to return part of my order. Will I receive a full refund for the whole order?

If the Customer chooses to only return part of their order, then any refund issued will be limited to the price for which each returned product was purchased, minus any deductions listed in the Returns Policy. 

Can I return a product that was included for free with my order?

A Customer may choose to return any part of their order regardless of whether those items were directly paid for, or given to the Customer without charge provided those products meet the criteria listed above. As these items were given away for free, no refund shall be given of any nature. The Customer will still be responsible for paying the return shipping. 

I want to return part of my order. Can I keep any free items that came with that order?

If the Customer wants to return a product that came with free items of any nature, those free items must also be returned in their entirety. These products must also meet the criteria for returned products listed above. 

How do I arrange a product return?

A Customer can initiate a product return by contacting support on

I have questions about the Returns Policy. Who can I contact?

Any questions about the Returns Policy can be directed to