Coil High Power 4X Tilt Desk Magnifier

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$79.00 (Incl GST)

A powerful stand magnifier with tilting head. Easy to write under.

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This stand magnifier with an aspheric lens has the added feature of a tilting head. This allows the user to best angle the lens for their own reading position. The head can be tilted to suit either right or left handed users and is useful for writing under . The stand allows the magnifier to be held at precisely the right working distance to give a clear and steady image. Power: 4X; Diopter: 12D; Lens size: 80mm.   Lightweight and scratch resistant.

  • Description: Tilt
  • Diopters/Mag: 12D / 4.0x
  • Lens Type: Bi-Aspheric
  • Lens Diameter: 80.8mm
  • Effectiveness Focal Length: 93.26mm
  • Field of View on Page: 80mm