Electronic TV Magnifier, Wireless

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An wireless electronic TV magnifier the shape of a computer mouse . No wires to trip over.

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This TV Magnifier is designed specifically for low vision patients and is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid. The size of a computer mouse it directly connects to any TV/monitor video input in seconds, so you can easily read a newspaper, magazine, recipe cards and labels. This model is wireless meaning the actual "mouse" is not attached to any wires and can be used up to 10 metres of the monitor. Charged on a base unit like a cordless phone.


Model NumberMZETVW
DescriptionTV magnifier
Dimension130 x 69 x 64 mm
FreezeD-freeze current image
Viewing Modesfull color, high-contrast positive, high-contrast negative
WarrantyOne-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Magnification (on 19”monitor)20x (up to 70x digitally)
CertificatesWith CE, FCC approval, RoHS compliance
AdvantagesCompatible with any TV/monitor using video input

Zoom in/out digitally.

Unique guiding wheel mechanism

Wireless, light, convenient, ergonomic and easy to use

With USB converter (optional, as follows), it can work on computer

Features Ideal for people wanting large lettering e.g.  newspapers, books, directories and magazines etc