USB Charging Portable Digital Microscope 4.3″

$284.00 (Incl GST)

Available on back-order

Take instant pictures and store them on an SD card for later analysis. This is a very portable electronic microscope and good for field work.



  1. Pixel: HD 3.6MP
  2. Display: 4.3 inches HD LCD display
  3. Magnification: 1-600X continuous magnification system
  4. Object distance: 15mm infinity (depend on the different distance)
  5. Built-in lithium battery, available for working more than 6 hours continuously.
  6. Power DC interface
  7. Memory card's socket (Micro SD)
  8. Brightness adjust button
  9. REST button, restore the system (if the machine will not work, please press the button with a sharp object to restart it)
  10. Fast loading 4-hole bayonet, push the bracket's 4 claws into the bayonet.
  11. High brightness 8 LEDs, available for up to 100 thousand hours