Ivision 7″ HD Electronic Magnifier

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$2,098.00 (Incl GST)

A power electronic reading aid for newspapers, books etc.

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The super big iVision 7” HD is one of the new generation of high definition electronic magnifiers with an intelligent power saving design and new algorithms giving superior image quality. This advanced unit is full of useful features while still retaining it’s ease of use. The magnification range is 2X to 32X (infinity with distance viewing). This magnifier is a must for those needing a large reading area and greatly reduces eye strain. The iVision 7.0 is also
compatible with remote Virtual Reality glasses.

  • Super large anti glare 7" HD screen
  • 2X - 32X zoom magnification
  • Long battery life, 4 hours
  • 26 colour modes
  • Intelligent image enhancement
  • 4 mega pixel camera
  • Fully adjustable
  • Voice memo
  • Can connect to a TV