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FREE Shipping on orders $100+
FREE Shipping on orders $100+
Why Buy From Magnifiers NZ? - Magnifiers NZ

Why Buy From Magnifiers NZ?

  • Magnifiers NZ removes any risk of being stuck with something that doesn’t work for you.
  • Magnifiers NZ is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with decades of experience in the supply of magnifiers and low vision devices. We are the largest magnifier supplier in New Zealand.
  • We know that choosing the right magnifier or low vision device can be confusing when viewing alternative overseas websites that is why we offer a non-risk policy.
  • To get the full story on our “Risk Free” policy, refer to our conditions for returning products.
  Our RISK FREE policy:
  1. You must complete a RPA (Return Product Authority) form. This is available off our website. It must be returned to our warehouse in original condition and in original packaging – (you need to make sure it is properly packed for if it is damaged being returned to us we will not accept it), It must be returned within 10 days of purchase – (that should give you enough time to change your mind),
  2. You will still be charged for the courier/postage cost of sending it to you originally and any other transport charges subsequently,
  3. Full refund including courier costs will be made if we make a mistake or the goods prove faulty or damaged.
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