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Magnifiers For Coin Collecting - Magnifiers NZ

Magnifiers For Coin Collecting

Ask any coin collector, new or experienced, and you’ll quickly discover the coin magnifier is high on the list of essential tools. Whether you are sorting through coins for a key date or taking a detailed look at a high-end silver dollar, you’ll need a trusted magnifier. There are a variety of types on the market today, all with different bells and whistles. Here are popular ones according to your hobby level:
  • Best for kids and beginners – when you are just starting out, you’ll need your magnifier handy to determine dates so you can see what you have and what you need. We recommend the affordable, hand-held EziVue magnifier. It has both a large illuminated 6X with a relatively large viewing area for viewing larger images of your coins. Its low cost makes it the perfect addition to a starter kit.
  • Best for coin shows & travel – If you are headed to a coin show or want to have a magnifier around when you travel, we recommend a loupe style like our10X pocket folding magnifier. Pair it with a cord and wear it around your neck and you’ll be able to zoom in on coins at a moment’s notice. Plus, you’ll look like a pro when you are out on the road.
  • Best for experienced collectors – Touted as the “best coin magnifier in the world” the triplet lens LED illuminated pocket folding magnifier is the one you’ll see in dealers’ pockets. It has a large distortion free lens to help you spot elusive varieties and errors. It’s a bit pricier than others, but its quality cannot be disputed.
  • Best for the stay-at-home collector – When you’re at home spending time with your coins, Peace dollars and Liberty walkers, you’ll appreciate the easy to use tabletop magnifier. The 2X with an interchangeable 5X lens easily clips on to a table edge or will stand on the tabletop. The flexible neck lets you bend it to meet your ideal angle. Lightweight and portable, you can easily take it from room to room.
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