Tertiary Level Biological Microscope EX Series

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This microscopes is a high quality biological microscope, which is an ideal choice for research and teaching experiments. With infinity color correction optical system and excellent compound eye illumination system, this can get uniform illumination, clear and bright images at any magnification. User-friendly design, simple and convenient operation, even students can easily master. This microscope also maintains excellent reliability and durability, and is suitable for high-intensity use in the education market.

Various optional accessories, easy to achieve observation methods of bright field, phase contrast, simple polarization, dark field and others. The side of the frame is equipped with a dimming knob, which can easily adjust the illumination brightness by gently rotating. Continuous adjustable light intensity can effectively overcome the brightness jump phenomenon in traditional microscopes, and avoid the dizziness caused by instantaneous strong light. LED light source is environment-friendly. Compared with halogen lamps, it consumes less energy and
provides about 100,000 hours of sustainable lighting. This microscope has a storage box on the back, which makes full use of the built-in space of the body and can be used to store the power cord conveniently.

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  • High eye point wide field eyepiece PL10X/20mm with adjustable diopter.
  • Plan achromatic objective 4X/0.10(infinity)
  • Plan achromatic objective 10X/0.25(infinity)
  • Plan achromatic objective 40X/0.65(infinity)
  • Plan achromatic objective 100X/1.25(infinity)
  • 30°inclined gemel trinocular head, diapter range: 47-75mm
  • 30°inclined gemel trinocular available. Please inquire.
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjusting system, with tightness adjustment and place limit, fine adjustment precision:0.002mm,90V-240V voltage, Single high brightness 3WLED with continuous intensity control
  • Reversed quadruple nosepiece.
  • 150mmX162mm mechanical stage, mid range:50mm×76mm; precision:0.1mm (x-axis single track transmission)
  • N.A.1.25 Koehler illuminator condenser (with socket for phase contrast and darkfield accessories)

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