Touch Switch 102mm Hand Magnifier, USB charged

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Touch Switch 102mm Hand Magnifier, USB charged with 29 LED diodes for illumination.

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Touch Switch 102mm hand Magnifier.  USB charged with 29 LED high contrast diodes giving ideal illumination. This optical aid has 2.5X magnification with a 10X "spot" lens (1.5 cm) high power (10X).

This magnifier has more features than any other on the market.

  • USB charged.
  • Touch activation (great for elderly hands)
  • Very large lens (102mm) giving a big field of view
  • Built in battery.
  • The LED illumination greatly enhances the effectiveness of the magnifier.
  • Multi-functional

1. Material: ABS, acrylic lens
2. Purpose: reading for the elderly, jewelry appreciation, maintenance, etc.
3. Multiples: 2.5 times for the primary lens and 10 times for the secondary mirror
4. Battery capacity: 1200mAh
5. Light source: 29 LED lights
6. Charging port: USB
7. Features: high-definition lens, with 29 LED ring lights, three-speed touch switch, adjustable light brightness to meet the needs of different occasions, contains rechargeable batteries, durable
8. Lens diameter: the primary lens is about 102mm, the secondary lens is about 25mm
9. Size: about 26.5x12.7 cm
10. Weight: about 187 grams