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Stereo Microscope Dual Illumination

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Stereo microscope model MZST40L is a robust microscope that is distinguished by its ease of operation and excellent mechanical and optical quality. It can be used in numerous applications within the fields of biology and geology plus many other industrial applications. Simply by rotating the objective from the 2x setting to 4x, the overall magnification can be set to 20x or 40x. With the aid of accessories, a magnification of up to 80x can be achieved. There is a choice of two illumination sources: plain reflected illumination plus reflected and transmitted light and a mixture of the two. Power is supplied to the LED illumination via rechargeable batteries, so that the microscope can also be used without a mains connection.
  • 20X, 40X standard
  • Revolving magnification selector
  • Illumination:   LED, top and transmitted light illumination, power supplied by rechargeable battery, 230 V, 50/60 Hz charger
  • Tube: Binocular inclined 45°, inter ocular distance adjustable between 55 and 75 m
  • Eyepieces:   Pair of wide field eyepieces WF 10x 20 mm with eyepiece lock and rubber eyepiece cups, diopter compensation ±5 on the left eyepiece, one eyepiece with pointer
  • Object plate:   Base with detachable object plates (plastic, black/white and glass) 95 mm dia. and 2 specimen clips
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • A range of accessories is available.

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