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Monomouse Electronic TV Magnifier - Magnifiers NZ

Monomouse Electronic TV Magnifier

Electronic Low Vision TV magnifier

This magnifier is designed specifically for people with very low vision problems.It is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid that is the size of a computer mouse. It directly connects to any TV/monitor video input in seconds, so you can easily read a newspapers, magazines, recipes cards and labels etc. A must have low vision aid.
  • Description:TV magnifier
  • Dimension:130 x 69 x 64 mm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Freeze: D-freeze current image
  • Viewing Modes: Full color, high-contrast positive, high-contrast negative
  • Warranty: One-Year Manufacturer Warranty subject to fair wear and tear
  • Magnification: On19”monitor): 20x (up to 70x digitally)
  • Certificates: With CE, FCC approval, RoHS compliance
  • Advantages: Compatible with any TV/monitor using video input
  • Zoom in/out digitally
  • Unique guiding wheel mechanism
  • Wireless, light, convenient, ergonomic and easy to use
  • With USB converter (optional, as follows), it can work on computer
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