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FREE Shipping on orders $100+
Pro Series High Quality Desk Loupe - Magnifiers NZ

Pro Series High Quality Desk Loupe

Triplet lens 10X measuring magnifier

A well priced superb quality 10X desk loupe with high contrast LED illumination provided by 8 long life diodes. The Pro Series 10X precision loupe comes with a scale that measures in both metric and inch units. It is used to measure line values, angles, diameters, widths, prints, graphics and threads, etc. where accuracy is needed. A variety of scales are available though comes standard with cross hairs with metric and imperial scales, other are available for $25.00. The loupe has an adjustable focusing ring for pin-point clarity. The 8 LED lights can be used in daylight or in darkened conditions. The metal body strong and durability. This magnifier is an excellant choice for industrial applications including the printing industry.
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