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Pros & Cons Of Hand Held Video Magnifier - Magnifiers NZ

Pros & Cons Of Hand Held Video Magnifier

Video magnifiers

Important Features of Portable Digital Magnifiers

Like electronic desktop magnifiers, there are many different manufacturers, brands, and helpful features that are available:
a digital magnifierA portable digital magnifier
  • Monitor sizes can range from 3.5 inches to 13 inches. Other available monitor sizes are 4.3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches.
  • Many models are now available with a high-definition (HD) camera and monitor, while others still come with standard resolution.
  • They are portable, can be used anywhere in the home, and can also be taken out to a restaurant, store, church, or symphony.
  • Most models come with a protective carrying case.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Some advantages of portable digital magnifiers are:
reading a magazine with a digital magnifierReading a magazine with a portable digital magnifier
  • They can be used or taken anywhere—such as to a restaurant, store, or church. You can sit in your easy chair, couch, or bed to use it, as opposed to sitting at a table or desk for a CCTV.
  • They provide helpful magnification, enhanced contrast, and improved brightness, which is important for many persons with low vision.
  • They are much less expensive than a CCTV.
  • They can still be used at a comfortable working distance, as opposed to most strong magnifiers.
  • You can use both eyes, even with high magnification.
  • They provide a fairly wide field of view, as compared with many strong magnifiers.
Some disadvantages of portable digital magnifiers are:
  • They are more expensive than most optical devices, including magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, and loupes.
  • Although they have a larger field of view than most magnifiers, they have a smaller field of view than a CCTV, which can still be frustrating for some persons.
  • If you purchase a brand that is hand-held, rather than one that can rest flat on the page, it can be tiring to hold. Some brands have a handle that swings out when you want to hold it, and a stand that swings out when you want it to rest on the page. Sometimes, swing-out stands can be somewhat flimsy, however.
  • Some brands may show some distortion on the edges, or the image may fade out in the "false color" mode.
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