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What Size Magnifier Do I Need ? - Magnifiers NZ

What Size Magnifier Do I Need ?

Help for magnifier buyers

Today we are blessed with lots of options and choices for the vision aids that help anyone with vision loss to continue to live successfully. Finding out about these options and understanding which one might be best for you can often be a challenge. Here is a quick guide to help you understand “Which Magnifier is best for me”? Step 1. Have a very clear idea of the things you want to do which vision loss is stopping or hindering you from doing. Often people start with the most obvious; reading. What is it you want to read, when do you want to read, and where do you want to read? Step 2. What are the other tasks and activities you want to do beyond reading? What are your day to day challenges? Food, medication, hobbies, personal grooming? Step 3. Consider how important portability may be. Is it more important to have a device that you can carry with you, or one that helps you read a book for example? Make sure you have answers to these questions before you start looking at vision aids. Having a clear idea of what you need is crucial to finding the right tool. Step 4. In any assessment, be it at a low vision clinic, or with a Low Vision Consultant, make sure that you have the opportunity to trial any vision aid you think may be of benefit. Ideally this is done in your own home, with ample time to really ensure that it meets your needs. Step 5. Consider that you may need more than one device. Sometimes a tool box with a variety of options is needed! by Genevieve McLachlan | Aug 18, 2017 | Adaptive equipment, Assistive technology, Education, Print Disability, Visual Impairment
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