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What Size Magnifier Do I Need ? - Magnifiers NZ

What Size Magnifier Do I Need ?

Help for magnifier buyers Today we are blessed with lots of options and choices for the vision aids that help anyone with vision loss to continue to live successfully. Finding...

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  • Our best selling magnifier just got better! - Magnifiers NZ

    Our best selling magnifier just got better!

    Our 4X Magnipro LED illuminated magnifier has been our best seller for two years. Now it is available with a built-in rechargeable battery which is charged via a provided USB cable. No more extra expense of buying batteries. MZED14 Check...

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  • What is the right magnifier ? ?

    WHAT IS THE RIGHT MAGNIFIER ? On selecting a magnifier, it is a good idea to begin with identifying the exact purpose for its use (e.g., reading the newspaper, reading medicine labels, or watching television). Once you have specified the...

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  • New Handy Pendant Magnifier 3.5x - Magnifiers NZ

    New Handy Pendant Magnifier 3.5x

    Great for seniors A handy pendant magnifier with neck cord 3.5X and available in three cord colours. Red, black & brown. Never loose it with the neck cord. Fantastic for shopping if your vision is not what it use to...

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  • Advanced High School Microscope - Magnifiers NZ

    Advanced High School Microscope

    The new E3 series biological microscope with easy operation and clear image is a serious contender for high school microscope of the year and is full of advanced features and crystal sharp optics. Its ergonomics design, handy coaxial coarse and...

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  • Professional Pocket Folding Magnifiers - Magnifiers NZ

    Professional Pocket Folding Magnifiers

    A common question on why some hand held loupes are twice the price of standard ones. The answer is the optical quality. Better quality ones have triplet lenses which correct aberations and give clear picture to the edge of the...

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  • Stand Magnifier with USB Lighting NEW - Magnifiers NZ

    Stand Magnifier with USB Lighting NEW

    A multi faceted stand magnifier Another innovative and highly functional product from MagniPro. This large screen magnifier can be positioned on any angle and is supported by a sturdy base. The light LED’S illuminate the entire field of view. Recharge...

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  • Wifi Digital Zoom Magnifier NEW 2021 - Magnifiers NZ

    Wifi Digital Zoom Magnifier NEW 2021

    Portable digital wifi magnifier A Wi-Fi hand held digital magnifier with a zoom range up to 1000X. Transfers images/videos to your phone, computer or any other device via Wi-Fi. This makes it a very portable unit. Low light conditions are...

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